Things that bothered me about Jurassic World 2 [Spoilers]

[Spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!]

I recently saw Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. While it wasn't a bad thing, I got annoyed when I realized that the trailer covered only the events of the first 20 minutes. Unfortunately, that put me in the bad frame of mind and all sorts of things started bothering me about the movie. Below are some of them.

Claire and Owen

  • Why wait so long to approach Claire? They could have gotten so many more species off the island if Claire gave them access to the tracking system. They could have left dealing with Owen/Blue until later on and still had it go according to plan but with more dinos in cages. 
  • Why was Claire lobbying a senator literally seconds before a verdict was brought down not to save the dinosaurs? Either the one she was lobbying to was not involved in the decision or had already voted. 
  • Why did they try to kill them on the island? Attempting to kill Owen and the vet I could understand (though again if the military leader could keep it holstered...) but locking in the tech and Claire seemed intentional but there was no benefit to killing them.
  • Owen has a lot of combat training for an animal behaviorist. Maybe he had special training for Jurassic World, but imagine replacing Chris Pratt with Jackson Galaxy of My Cat from Hell.

The Indo-Raptor

  • It's presumably a hybrid of Blue the raptor, which had two legs and two arms, and the Indomonous, which also had two legs and two arms, but somehow the Indo has four legs. Maybe there's something else in the mix. 
  • The Indomoninus had heat vision, but the Indo, which was specifically built for combat, doesn't for some reason? The Indo-Raptor seems to lack the other abilities like camouflage. You could justify it not knowing how to use it, but heat vision would be passive and sensory so it's practically impossible for it to not know it had it. 
  • Why did they only have a single sample of the Indomonous? Can't they just go get another one? The skeleton was fairly deep in the water so it's probably still there. 

General plot

  • Like all Jurassic Park movies, greedy people ruin it for everyone. The main antagonist to be sure, but if the military leader could have kept his gun holstered until they got Blue, then they would have gotten away with it scott free since they wouldn't have had to tranquilize Owen.
  • It's funny how they managed to find a working gyrosphere. Even weirder that Owen could keep pace with it. 
  • I'm getting really sick of the Dino Ex Machina. The T-Rex naturally is the worst offender for this, but Blue has done it a couple times. 
  • Did they take breeding pairs off the island? For the fake plan they told Claire, they would have but if they're just selling them for seed capital to other companies then they probably wouldn't have. If that's the case, then dinosaurs are probably going extinct again in the near future. Raptors certainly are given that Blue was the only one taken off the island. 
  • We're at the end of Jurassic World 2 and essentially back to where we were at the end of Jurassic Park 3. 
I am hoping they continue the series as the next movie should end up breaking new ground for the franchise; co-existence of humans and dinosaurs, genetic technology becoming widespread and the ethics of human cloning.