My Book List

There have been times when friends have asked for book recommendations, and I forget things that I've read and liked. This is a list of books that I've enjoyed, sorted by genre. Some may seem obvious, but not everyone has the same experiences. I'll include links where I can

  • Harry Potter, though I tend to enjoy some of the fan fiction more.
  • Percy Jackson and the series that follow on;
  • Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel  
    • It got a bit weird towards the end and the identity of the mystery character was obvious long before their reveal
  • The Mither Mages Series
    • Stonefather is set in the same universe, but is independent of the trilogy and great on its own. 
  • Ranger's Apprentice 
    • I was of the opinion they should have ended it with Lost Stories since Royal Ranger didn't build on anything and it seems I wasn't alone in that opinion since they've actually done that now and made Royal Ranger its own series. 
  • Brotherband 
    • Shares a universe with Ranger's Apprentice and seems to be the better series. 
      • Crossovers are fairly minor and you could get away with just reading Brotherband if you wished
  • The Black Magician Trilogy
    • They released a prequel called The Magician's Apprentice, showing the origins of the Magician's Guild but they didn't really explore any of the things that would have made that setting interesting like the actual struggles to form the guild or what event led to the ban on Black Magic. 
    • I prefer the sequel trilogy The Traitor Spy
  • Spellslinger 
    • This is the book that made me realize that an underpowered protagonist might be one of the best ways to explore a magic system 
  • Inheritence Cycle 
  • Discworld
    • I've read the first 4 and of them Equal Rites is the only one I didn't really like. 
    • Mort is the best so far as a stand-alone story. 
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction