Stargate Atlantis Theory: Ferrel Mylan is a Fabrication

In the episode Poisoning the Well, Col. Sheppard's team discover a society who are attempting to create a drug that can prevent the wraith from feeding, based on a protein isolated by a famous scientist called Ferrel Mylan, whose journal had been preserved since the previous culling. His work was so important to them that it's considered central to Hoffan culture with the last entry in his journal being memorized by all Hoffans. After rewatching the episode recently, I'm not sure that Ferrel, or at least the public perception of Ferrel, ever existed.

It was well established that the Hoffan's maintain archives of knowledge. The achievements of each generation are stored so that when the Wraith destroy their society they can build back up quickly. Ferrel's research was supposedly stored within these archives but this doesn't make sense. One of the researcher's Perna, quotes Ferrel's Last Entry to Beckett as evidence of their dedication to this work.

The battle rages at the very threshold of our laboratory now. Those of us working to the last know that these few final hours have been dearly purchased, yet our concentration has not waned. We cannot hope to save ourselves but we can hope that one last insight, one last revelation before we take our dying breaths, may prevent this terrible day from happening again. 

This results in some inconsistencies.

  1. If the Wraith are "at the very threshold of our laboratory", then they most definitely did not have time for the journal to be copied into the dozen archives. 
  2. Given that it was the Modis Operandi of the Wraith to destroy technology, it's highly likely that the laboratory was completely destroyed and all those working there were culled.As such, it seems highly improbable that the journal escaped. 
  3. If this was the last entry in Ferrel's journal, then nothing else came after and he wasted his last few minutes of life on recording something for posterity rather than something potentially helpful.
I have thought of some rationalizations that could counter these thoughts, but they themselves have counters. 
  1. It could be that (1) is an exaggeration and Ferrel was taken after their research was stored.
    While possible, the "dying breaths" part implies that they weren't expecting to get out of the lab alive.
  2. They might have just been lucky and stored the journals in a hidden wall or floor safe that the wraith somehow managed to miss.
    This only works if someone who knew the location of the safe survived the culling and could tell others. The fact that only a few people were aware of the existence of the archives would imply that they had fallout shelters for high ranking officials so this isn't unrealistic. 
  3. It could be that Ferrel's journal isn't the same journal where they kept the scientific information. If Ferrel wrote it while waiting for a test to finish or something similar then it's still okay.
    Again, this is possible but the way that Beckett goes over the journal then asks if the test results could be fake implies that he saw test results in the journal.
If there weren't multiple journals, then the most likely explanation for these inconsistencies is that Ferrel was a myth. 

My theory is that the government had the data stored in the archive from the culling as they said but Ferrel himself is false. Feeling that it was unlikely for the results themselves to galvanize their populace into making the sacrifices they deemed necessary. For that, they needed a figurehead and as such, the document known a Ferrel's Journal was fabricated. 

It very well might be that Ferrel was a researcher that worked on the Wraith inoculation, in fact his existence is likely as it would cement the legitimacy of the journal, but I believe that the journal was created after Ferrel's death. It provided a human element to the research; a rallying cry for the Hoffan people to end the Wraith's domination over the galaxy once and for all.