Frangipani Infused Vodka: Experiment 1 (Success)

I've had a dehydrator for a while now and have been dehydrating frangipani flowers. We have a couple trees in the backyard and there are quite a few trees in my neighborhood. There are always enough flowers on the ground that I can just pick them up without having to take any off the actual trees.

The dried flowers can be used for potpourri and the dehydration process makes the house smell nice, but the volume of flowers I can produce greatly outweighs the amount I'd use for scent. Today I crushed some of the dried flowers and left it to stand in some vodka. After a few hours, the vodka had taken on a distinctly yellow hue, very similar to whiskey, and had a clear smell of frangipani.

I had a taste and it was almost entirely the original vodka taste. I placed about a shots worth in a small glass and topped it up with water. The result still tasted like watered down vodka, but it freed up the frangipani smell. Now, when taking a sip the smell spreads throughout my mouth.

Frangipani vodka is not a flavoring agent like midori, it's a perfume. While the taste of alcohol is pure alcohol when undiluted, its blooming smell once diluted makes it perfect for cocktails; it allows for modification of their smell without compromising their taste.

The next test I need to do is check if the smell will be retained when in the presence of stronger tastes and smells like pineapple, mint, or orange juice.