Banana Mousse: Experiment 1 (Failure)

I had a bunch of bananas in the fridge that were black and a recipe for banana/rum mousse. After skimming it and dismissing it (I don't like double boilers), I wondered if I could make something similar with instant pudding mix.

I like the concept of instant pudding, but I wish that it had better nutritional value. I was curious to see if I could use banana smoothie in place of the milk to make a healthier smoothie. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It tasted nice, but it didn't whip up properly. My current theory is that the banana made the mixture too dense and the air bubbles that should have formed in the mousse kept collapsing under the weight.

Fortunately, I was able to add a small amount of the mixture to milk and restore it to a smoothie (with the butterscotch flavor from the mousse which was nice). I also put some of the mixture in the freezer and left it overnight. It still crystallized, but it formed significantly smaller crystals that I was able to dig through with a spoon straight from the freezer with no defrosting required.

When I go for my second attempt, I plan on making the mousse first then folding in the pureed banana. It'll still be heavy, but I'm hoping that if the mousse has already set and firmed up in the fridge then when I fold it through it will retain at least some of the air pockets.